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Transkrip Soal-soal Sap (dari Berbagai Sumber

Soal-Soal SAP (Dari berbagai sumber)

1. When clerks input Pick Materials on Delivery Note for Deluxe Touring Bike (Black),
they input FG00 on SLoc field. What does FG00 mean ? Explain.

2. When clerk doesn’t input amount of quantity on Pick Quantity field in Pick Materials
on Delivery Note step, there will be an error alert when they enter the next step (Post
Goods Issue). Why does it happen?
(Hint : explain the relationship between Post Goods Issue and Pick Materials on
Delivery Note)

3. Assume that we are going to create Quotation for 3 Companes without referencing to
Inquiry. The Quotation includes Deluxe Touring Bike (Black) for each Companies.
a. Write down the steps to perform the transaction.
b. What is the transaction code ?
c. Fill the table below :

Company Name

Quotation Doc. Number

(Hint : Assume that the companies are Philly Bikes, Big Apple Bikes, and DC Bikes.
The companies have already existed.)
4. “Create Contact Person”. Does this step have to be done?

5. Philly Bikes is a retailer company which is also GBI’s customer. Philly Bikes was
created as one of GBI’s customer in 1991. However, Philly Bikes moved from
Orlando to Texas in 1996. Now, Philly Bikes asks for sales order of 10 Deluxe
Touring Bike (Silver). Because of different location of Philly Bike, GBI has to decide
if GBI has to create a new customer for Philly Bikes or not. What do you think?
(hint : Explain for the BEST option)

6. Clerk of GBI has already done Post Goods Issue for 10 Deluxe Touring Bike which
has already ordered by Heartland Company. However, Hartland Company ask to
decrease the order from 10 to 4. Could it be handled by SAP system?

7. What is the difference between Inquiry and Quotation ?

8. Sort cut :
a. What is the sort cut to open a new session in SAP?
b. What is the sort cut to close current session in SAP?
c. What is the sort cut to close current create sales order transaction in SAP ? (Hint :
Transaction code for create sales order : VA01)

9. Look at the pic below :

It is document flow for Philly Bikes which asks for sales order of 5 Deluxe Touring Bike.
From the picture above, does this sales order reference quotation? And the quotation
referencing inquiry? Explain Briefly.

10. Look at the pic below :

From that picture above, answer these questions :
a. What is the price of this item per unit ?
b. How much is the total price which should be paid by the customer before the
customer has been given a discount?
c. How many items does the customer buy ?
d. What is “%Discount per net”?
e. How much “%Discount per net” is given to the customer ? (Hint : in %)
f. How much is the total price which should be paid by the customer after the
customer has been given a discount?

11. From figure 5-6 below :

Could a clerk of GBI input Internet Sales for Distribution Channel, Eastern US for Sales
Organization and Bicycles Division for Division when they do create sales order? Explain

Soal Process Modelling :

Soal Teori ERP :
1. Sebutkan 5 functional area of operation dari sebuah perusahaan dan sebutkan
business function untuk setiap functional area of operations.
2. Gambarkan diagram sales order process dan jelaskan dengan singkat tahapan-tahapan
3. Sebutkan 3 area primer yang membentuk sales document. Berikan penjelasan singkat
dan contoh dari setiap area.
4. Apa yang dimaksud dengan “silos” ? Mengapa “silos” menjadi permasalahan yang
harus dihindari dalam sebuah perusahaan ?
5. Jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan berikut :

6. What is the difference between these flows :



7. Sebutkan Modul-modul yang ada di SAP dan jelaskan fungsi dari setiap modul.

8. In implementing ERP in an organization, there are some critical sucess factor in
implementing it. The critical sucess factors are :

a. Process and Application : Minimaze enhancement or customization of the ERP
b. Data : Data cleanup is time consuming and tedious
c. Technical Infrastructure : Server sizing, network sizing.
d. Physical Infrastructur : Additional workstation
e. People : Change management, the more traditional organization is, the more
change management effort will be required.
From those critical sucess factors, which is the Most Critical and why ? Explain
your argument.

9. Does some companies have more sucess with ERP than others? why ?

10. What are the differences between Marketing and Sales in functional areas of small
business and Marketing and Sales in functional area Information System?

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