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Oleh Popy Setyowati

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Transkrip Tugas Bahasa Inggis

TUGAS BAHASA INGGIS Nama : Popy Setyowati Kelas : XI - Akuntansi 4 No.Absen : 32 I always go to school by bycycle. Last Saturday, I went to school by bycycle too. I usually go to school at half past six in the morning. I went to school with my friend, her name is Yolanda. She is in eleven accountant three and I am in eleven accountant four. In my school, study will be start at seven o’clock a.m. but before it my friends and I alwys praying and singing national song together. Last Saturday I had 40 minutes for breaktimes. I used the time to went to the library with my friends, Laila. The study finished at half past eleven a.m., my friends and I praying and singing national song too, but I not went home because I had study group together and before it started we had pray dhuhur in the mosque. We finised it when suddenly the rain came. I went to the mosque to join with activities in my extracurricular,religius extracurricular. The activities is Qira’ah and Rebana. I decided to went home at four p.m.

Judul: Tugas Bahasa Inggis

Oleh: Popy Setyowati

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