Tugas Bahasa Inggris

Oleh Muhamad Farhan

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Transkrip Tugas Bahasa Inggris

Galih : “huft, this afternoon is so hot!” Adel : “yes, really. Semarang is hotter than Purwokerto.” Zidny : “let’s buy an ice cream at the supermarket” Galih and Adel : “oke, let’s go!” At supermarket Galih : “wait, it looks like yovi and Farhan.” Zidny : “where? I dont see them.” Adel : “yes, there are yovi and farhan. Call them.” Galih : “Yovi! Farhan!” Yovi and Farhan : “helo, guys! Long time no see!” Yovi : “how are you guys?” Adel, Galih, and Zidny : “i’m fine.” Zidny : “where do you work now?” Yovi : “I work at the Bunda Hospital.” Farhan : “I work at the same hospital as Yovi. we are in the medical record unit.” Zidny : “Wow, really? Emm, what is a medical record?” Farhan : “medical record is part of recording, processing patient data during the treatment period and afterwards.” Adel : “is the medical record very important?” Yovi : “yes, very important. to determine diagnosis, costs and more.” Galih : ”oh, I see. Hmm, we still have other matters. See you!” Farhan : “oke see you on top guys!”

Judul: Tugas Bahasa Inggris

Oleh: Muhamad Farhan

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