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1. Jika 3a + 8b =

maka persentase (9a + 24b)b terhadap 16b adalah ….

A. 43.25 %
B. 43.75 %
C. 86.50 %
D. 87.50 %

2. Sebuah perusahaan mengurangi jam kerja pegawainya dari 40 jam per minggu menjadi 36
jam per minggu tanpa mengurangi gaji. Jika seorang pegawai tadinya dibayar Rp 90.000 per
jam, berapa rupiah gaji per jamnya sekarang?
A. 130.000
B. 120.000
C. 110.000
D. 100.000

3. Jika 6 orang pekerja dapat menyelesaikan sebuah pekerjaan dalam 3 jam, berapa lamakah
pekerjaan tersebut dapat diselesaikan oleh 5 orang pekerja?
A. 3,6 jam
B. 5,8 jam
C. 7 1/16 jam
D. 9 3/5 jam
4. Perbandingan (rasio) antara pegawai laki-laki dan perempuan dalam sebuah kantor adalah
8 : 7. Diantara yang berikut ini manakah yang tidak mungkin merupakan jumlah pegawai di
kantor tersebut?
A. 15
B. 75
C. 85
D. 90

5. Sebuah truk trailer mengangkut 3, 4 atau 5 kontainer setiap kali perjalanan. Setiap kontainer
berbobot tidak kurang dari 125 kg dan tidak lebih dari 250 kg. Berapakah berat minimum
kontainer yang diangkut olehtruk tersebut untuk satu kali perjalanan?
A. 375 kg
B. 600 kg
C. 625 kg
D. 750 kg
6. Volume bola yang memiliki luas permukaan sebesar

198 2 3
x cm adalah?

A. 3π x3cm3

27 3 3
π x cm
99 3 3
π x cm
243 3 3
π x cm

7. Titik C terletak di antara titik A dan titik B pada suatu garis lurus. Jika AC = 2BC, maka berapa
nilai AC/AB?
A. 1/2
B. 1/3
C. 3/4
D. 2/3
8. Tuan kaya membeli 50 ekor sapi senilai Rp. 600.000 per ekor, dan 2 bulan kemudian
membeli 25 ekor sapi seharga Rp. 560.000 per ekor. Jika tuan kaya menghendaki harga ratarata sapinya Rp. 580.000 per ekor, berapakah harga per ekor yang harus dibayar untuk
membeli 25 ekor sapi tambahan?
A. Rp. 530.000
B. Rp. 540.000
C. Rp. 550.000
D. Rp. 560.000

9. Salah satu pesawat STAN Airways mampu menampung 350 penumpang. Apabila setiap
penumpang rata-rata mempunyai berat badan 65 kg,berapa tonkah beban penumpang yang
dapat diangkut pada setiap kali penerbangan pesawat tersebut?
A. 22,75
B. 22,65
C. 22,55
D. 22,45
10. Sejumlah piring dengan keliling 4π cm disusun di atas meja empat persegi berukuran 48 cm x
32 cm. Berapakah jumlah maksimum piring yang dapat diletakkan di atas meja tersebut?
A. 30 buah
B. 56 buah
C. 78 buah
D. 96 buah
11. Sebuah kantung berisi 55 Kelereng hitam, 60 kelereng putih dan beberapa kelereng abuabu.
Jika diambil satu kelereng dari kantung tersebut. Nilai kemungkinan terambilnya kelereng
abu-abu adalah

. Banyaknya kelereng abu-abu dalam kantung adalah …..butir

A. 135
B. 125
C. 115
D. 105

Just outside Yokohama stdium, several hundred policemen stare down the cord. “Quite
down”,booms a voice, in English, Spanish and Japanese, over the laudspeaker. “Disperse
immediately”. Some 50 screaming “hooligans”, faces painted and armed with burning wooden
sticks, throw chairs back at the front line. Firecrackers explode all around. An electric billboard
flickers the same warning. The rioters grow only more threatening. Suddenly water cannons appear,
and within minutesthe last persistent “thug” is knocked to the ground. Another Japanese dress
rehearsal for World Cup 2002 has ended in success- and without casualities.
As Asia opens its aims to the world’s best teams and nearly 1 million of their supporters is
keeping another set of arms firmly braced to combat hooliganism. Faering a repeat of Marseilles
1998, where nearly 50 were arrested and 30 injured in clashes between England and Tunisia
supporters, Japan and Suouth Korea have taken every precaution. But while South Korea has

decades of experience in quelling aggressive demonstrations including rampant pro-democracy
rallies in the 980s-Japan has virtually had to learn from scratch. To add to its troubles, Japan was the
unlucky winner chosen to host England, the teams most infamaous for its hooligans.
So far, the crash course has gone well. Since 1998 Japanese officials have toured Europe and
South America, consulting top football authorities to lern how to fight the game’s main malady and
to train in the art of “spotting” locating potential troublemakers in a crowd of football supporters.
And the best in the world are lending a hand; about 100 of the world’s top spotters from 4 different
countries are expected to attend World Cup 2002 to assist local authorities.
(Beith & Takayama, Newsweek, June 3rd, 2002)

12. The crash mentioned in paragraph 1 …
A. is in actual event in Yokohama
B. is an outrageous moment ever happened in Japan
C. is a rehearsal prepared for World Cup 2002
D. was unsuccessful precaution for World cup 2002
13. Japan … to host England.
A. has deliberately chosen
B. was unfortunately given a chance
C. is practically experienced
D. is the winner of all
14. Japan and South Korea have to take every precaution because …
A. they want to educate the public
B. they don’t want to repeat the tragedy four years ago
C. they want to warn all hooligans
D. they are not confident enough to be the host of world Cup 2002
15. How many casualities in clashes between England and Tunisia supporters in 1998?
A. 50
B. 30
C. 80
D. none of the above

16. Spotting means …
A. to become a good host for World Cup 2002
B. to arrest football troublemakers that could potentially become hooligans
C. to combat hooliganism during a football match
D. to locate potential troublemakers in a crowd of football supporters
17. Which term in the text refers to hooligan’s very bad reputation?
A. Thug
B. Rampant
C. Infamous
D. Malady
18. If everything in the text is true, then the police officers should be careful to confiscate things
upon entry to a football match, except …
A. knives
B. bottles
C. T-shirt
D. long umbrellas

Meetings can waste a lot of your time. But you can make your meeting run more smoothly
by following a few simple rules. First, have an agenda. This will help keep you focused on what is
important. Next, decide who needs to be involved. More people mean less efficient discussion.
Finally, keep the discussions moving. Thank every speaker as he or she finishes and move on to the
next speaker. This encourages people to make their remarks brief.
The problem with meetings is that no one likes wants and needs them. Yet, everyone has
them. Meetings are the corporate world’s response to primitive socializing behaviors. People feel
more comfortable in making decisions in groups. They can then share blame if a decision turns out
to be the wrong decision. Sharing credit for a correct decision is not often found in groups. Then
individual tend to remind people of how persuasive they were in the meeting when the “right”
decision was made.
19. What is one way to run a meeting well?
A. Watch how your manager runs meetings.
B. Minimize the number of participants.
C. Let everyone speak.
D. Let the group make the decision.

20. What is the purpose of a meeting agenda?
A. To allow free discussion
B. To keep the speakers organized
C. To send others in advanced
D. To keep focused on important items.
21. In conclusion the author feels …
A. Meetings should be held more frequently
B. No one should receive credit for their work
C. Real work is left to the professional
D. All meetings should be in the morning

Error Recognition
22. No one seems to know when will the bus arrive at the bus stop.




Jawaban dan Pembahasan
1) Jawaban B

7/3 .3
(9 a+ 24 b) b (3 a+ 8 b) 3 b
= 43,75%
16 b
16 b
2) Jawaban D
40x90.000/36 = 100.000
3) Jawaban A
6 x 3/5 = 18/5 = 3,6 jam
4) Jawaban C
Jumlah pegawai yang mungkin adalah yang bisa dibagi dengan jumlah perbandingan
(8+7 = 15)

5) Jawaban A
angkutan minimum = 3 kontainer, bobot kontainer minimum = 125 kg, maka berat
minimum 1 kali perjalanan = 3 x 125 kg = 375
6) Jawaban C
Luas permukaan bola = 4πr2
4 . 22/7 . r2 = 198/7 x2
88/7 . r2 = 198/7 x2
r2 = 198/88 x2
r2 = 9/4 x2
r = 3/2x

Volum bola = 4/3πr3
= 4/3 . 22/7 . (3/2x) 3
= 88/21 . 27/8x3
= 99/7x3
7) Jawaban D
AC = 2BC ; AB = 3BC
AC/AB = 2BC/3BC = 2/3

8) Jawaban D

(50 x 600.000)+(25 x 560.000)+(25 xS)
= 44.000.000 + 25 S = 58.000.000
25 S = 14.000.000
S = 560.000
9) Jawaban A
Beban penumpang =

350 x 65
= 22,75 ton

10) Jawaban D
Diameter piring = 4 cm
maksimum piring = 48x32/4x4 = 96

11) Jawaban B
Isi kantung = 55 + 60 + x = 115 + x
Peluang diambilnya kelereng abu-abu
x/(115+x) = 25/48

= 2875 + 25x


= 2875
x = 125

12) Jawaban C
13) Jawaban D
Paragraf 2 Kalimat terakhir
14) Jawaban B
15) Jawaban B
Casualties = people who are injured
16) Jawaban D
Paragraf ke-3 kalimat ke-2
17) Jawaban A
Thug = a violent criminal
Infamous = morally wrong
18) Jawaban C
Confiscate = to take something away
19) Jawaban B
Kalimat ke-5 paragraf 1
20) Jawaban D
Kalimat ke-2 dan ke-3 paragraf 1
21) Jawaban A
Kalimat ke-4 dan ke-5 paragraf 2
22) Jawaban B
Will seharusnya diletakan setelah the bus agar terbentuk kalimat positif.

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