Soal Uts Smt.

Oleh Rehan Sandi

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Transkrip Soal Uts Smt.

Name : Muhammad Rehan Crysandi
Class : 02TIDE010

: 191010800492

Aswer A :
1. Q

6. T

11. B

16. L

2. H

7. J

12. G

17. I

3. K

8. E

13. R

18. F

4. A

9. M

14. N

19. C

5. Q

10. S

15. D

20. P

Answer B:
1. J

6. E

2. I

7. F

3. C

8. G

4. H

9. D

5. B

10. A

Answer c :
I am Muhammad Rehan Crysandi from South Tangerang. I am 19 years old. Now I am studying at
Pamulang University, majoring in industrial engineering.
Why do I want to go to college? because I think with my education at this time it is not enough to
be able to compete in this millennial era and why I chose the industrial engineering major because I
think the industrial world is promising at this time for my continued search for knowledge with the
continued development of the industry in Indonesia.
Pamulang University who does not know this university with affordable costs and can be paid in
installments with these qualified lecturers and students that made me choose Pamulang University.
Indeed, for the time being my job is inversely proportional to the majors that I am currently taking
but in my opinion it has no effect because when I was in senior high school I was majoring in the
direction I was currently taking.
I think with me majoring in this can be my stepping stone to get a better job and become a better
person with the knowledge and experience that I got while studying at Pamulang University. After
finishing college I will look for and try to apply at the companies of my dreams because I am sure
that the experience and knowledge I gained during college were able to make my life better so many
short stories from me, thank you until I meet you at another time.

Judul: Soal Uts Smt.

Oleh: Rehan Sandi

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