Soal Past Continious

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Transkrip Soal Past Continious

1. Erza and Yuki . . . . . Soccer on the field when they . . . . . the money.
a. Is playing, finding b. Were playing, found c. Was playing, found d. Played, find
2. He was standing at the bus-stop when he . . . . . the accident.
a. Witnessed b. Witnesses c. Withness d. Withnessed
3. The telephone was ringing while he . . . an email.
a. Type b. Is typing c. Was typing d. Has typing
4. She was . . . . . when I . . . . . to her house last night.
a. Crying, came b. Cried, coming c. Cries, coming d. Crying, come
5. My sister . . . . . TV in the living room when I arrived home last night.
a. Watch b. Watched c. Is watching d. Was watching
6. The class has already started since two hours ago. The student (read/was
reading) while the professor …… in the class.
a. Were speaking b. Speaks c. Spoken d. Was speaking
7. There are many activities happen in Gilbert’s house. Jeremy was doing his
homework, and Jenna … television while their brother called.
a. Is watching b. Watched c. Has watched d. Was watching
8. My son was reading a good novel and he … his big meals at midnight last night. I
just very proud of him with everything he has done for me
a. Eats b. Has eaten c. Ate d. Was eating
9. Bagus was . . . . . around the block while Nata was . . . . . at their backyard
a. Run, skipping b. Running, skipped c. Running, skipping d. Run, skip
10. Bani and Risti were . . . . . video games when their mother . . . . . back.
a. Playing, came
b. Plays, comes
c. Played, coming
d. Playing, coming
11. The house … (burn), when jack’s family left.
a. Were burn b. Were burnt c. Was burn d. Was burnt

12. My children ................ football when I arrived at home a

is playing C)

were playing D)

played E)

were played

was playing

13. When his wife woke him up, he ................ a nice dream


was having


were having


is having





14. ............................... when her father left the house this morning

She is washing clothes


She was washing clothes


she washes clothes


she wash clothes


she will wash clothes

15. When I did my homework, my younger brothers ................ English

were studying


were studied


was studying


is studying


are studying


3.In other words, when ann (come)_____through the door, Bob (eat)____dinner.
4.Bob went to bed at 10:30. At 11:00 Bob (sleep)______
5.While Bob (sleep)_______, the phone (ring)_______
6.In other words, when the phone (ring)_____, Bob (sleep)_____
7.Bob left his houses at 8 :00 A.M and (begin)____to walk to class. While he
(walk)_____to class, he (see)_____mrs smith
6. 8.When Bob (see)_____Mrs smith, she (stand)______on her front porch. She
(hold)_____a broom. Mrs.smith (wave)_____at Bob when she (see)____him.
7. 9.Sally (eat)_____dinner last night when someone (knock)____on the door.
8. 10.I began to study at seven last night. Fred (come)_____at seven-thirty. I
(study)____when fred (come)____
9. 11.While I (study)____last night, fred (drop by)_____to visit me.
10. 12.My roommate’s parents (call)______him last night while we (watch)____TV.

Judul: Soal Past Continious

Oleh: Nisa Srg

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