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Transkrip Soal Untuk Iki

Soal untuk IKI

Read the dialogue bellow carefully!
: “Hello, Good morning, may I help you?
Costumer : “Good morning. Yes I want to order some food.”
: “What do you want to order sir?”
Costumer : “I want a plate of fried rice and fried chicken.”
: “Wait a minute sir.”
Costumer : “Sure.”
1. The conversation above take place in the ….
a. Hospital
c. Market
b. Restaurant
d. Zoo

2. He … some cookies in his pocket.
a. has
c. is
b. have
d. are

3. A : What do you have?
B : I … cabbage
a. has
c. is
b. have
d. are

4. Ari has seven marbles, Rudi has three marbles. They have … marbles.
a. eleven
c. ten
b. nine
d. twelve

5. Mother cooks in the…
a. Bathroom c. Bedroom
b. Kitchen
d. Garage

6. “Cook” means.…
a. Makan
c. Memasak
b. Minum
d. Membaca

7. I’am vegetable. My colour is orange. I’am very good for your eyes. I am a ….
a. Pumpkin
c. Eggplant
b. Chily
d. Carrot

8. This vegetable is hot. “Don’t eat too much!” you will get a stomachache
a. Pumpkin
c. Eggplant
b. Chily
d. Carrot
9. Need-popeye-and olive-spinach
a. Popeye need spinach and Olive
b. And Olive Popeye need spinach
c. Popeye and Olive need spinach
d. Spinach need Popeye and Olive

10. In this place you can eat and drink with your friends
a. Restroom
c. Canteen
b. Library
d. School

11. Mother … a cup of tea every morning
a. Drink
c. Eat
b. Drinks
d. Eats

12. This is a traditional food from Lampung
a. Rujak
c. Empek-empek
b. Rendang
d. Seruit

13. X : What would you like to eat?
Y : I would like a plate of ….
a. Juice
c. Fried rice
b. Water
d. Ice cream

14. There are fruits and vegetables in the ….
a. Fruit juice
c. Fruit salad
b. Fruity
d. Fruit stall

15. …. Contents of vitamin C
a. Pineapple
c. Avocado
b. Orange
d. Apple

16. A …works in the restaurant
a. Fisherman
c. Teacher
b. Waiters
d. Seller

17. There … six mangoes on the table
a. Are
c. Have
b. Is
d. Has

18. Fruits and…are good for our health
a. Salad
c. Vegetables
b. Rendang
d. Apple

19. Makan in English is ….
a. Eat
c. Cook
b. Drink d. Read

20. I am… I want to buy some food at the canteen
a. Eat
c. Cook
b. Drink d. Hungry


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